Walk In Her Shoes: Day 4

Well – Day 4 was tougher than I expected! I thought it would be easier to just come home and then go for a wander. But I was tired. Was all worth it in the end, and clocked up a nice 18.82 kms in the end, which brings me to 68.57 kms in total. Getting there!

It was actually a beautiful sunny day here in London yesterday. I got a few ks in walking back from a meeting in the city.




Met this guy along the way.


I walked across Blackfriars Bridge, which is the working end of things. I kinda like that.



After work, I still had some walking to do, so headed towards the Tate Modern, then left along the river down towards Tower Bridge. The city was looking very beautiful, lovely clear night.


Went past The Globe. Really looking forward to seeing some Shakespeare there in the summer.


And the Tower and Tower Bridge sitting there being iconic as always.


Walked across Tower Bridge to get a view of the south side, which is a view I don’t normally look at. Quite cool.


Then it was time to wander towards home, have a glass of wine and roll into bed.

Today I’m off down to Oxford, to get some countryside walking in. New adventures await!

If you would like to donate to CARE Australia, my fundraising page is here.

CARE do amazing work. I happened across this video this morning about WWII veterans writing to Syrian refugee children, which gives you a taste of some of the great things they do.

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