Walk In Her Shoes: Day 3

So I’m writing this on morning of Day 4. Last night I clocked up a further 17.93kms, so now at a total of 49.75kms. Very nearly half way!

Before heading out after the trade show last night, I stopped for a quick beer with some work folk. As it turns out, a pint and a half of beer was just what I needed to get me on my way. Had my tunes on, and off I trotted.

Was interested to see that I couldn’t walk through the park after dark – all locked up.


Was able to walk along the end of the park a bit further along. Was beautiful and serene.


Amazing that you can walk past this peaceful scene in the middle of London.


Purposely got myself a bit lost after that to get the k’s up. And was back in the thick of it, with the beauty and the busyness all squashed in together.


And some majesty.



And with my tunes keeping me grooving along, finally over the Thames and homeward bound.


The Deep Heat was definitely out last night. Some more night walking tonight, then looking forward to doing some walking in the countryside over the weekend. Hopefully will have some good clear walking days.

If you could like to donate to CAREAustralia, my fundraising page is here.


1 thought on “Walk In Her Shoes: Day 3

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