Walk In Her Shoes : Day 2

Day 2 complete, with a further 16.09 kms under my belt!

I decided to try and get a few km’s in this morning before work. I was rewarded by being swamped with muddy water by a passing truck. I then found myself struggling my way through picketing protesters (I have no idea what they were protesting – rather ineffective effort from what I could tell). Finally I broke free to the peaceful vista of the Thames, and said ‘Hi’ to Ben on the way across.


I was at a trade show all day today for work. For those who have done this yourself, you know only too well that you spend most of the day on your feet – and it is generally a pretty tiring day. So my tootsies were feeling pretty weary before I event started on the walk home. I had brought some nice warm comfy walking clothes with me though, so I changed into those before heading on the homeward trek.

But the comfy was not to be. For some reason the woolen thermals I was wearing got very VERY itchy. I tried to walk a bit – hoping it would be ok. After half an hour of that – I had to high tail it into a pub and de-thermal. Aah… the relief was sweet.

After that the walking was all good. I walked through Knightsbridge, did a bit of window shopping.


Was nice to see Lizzy was home, probably having a nice cozy baked beans on toast.


And I have to say, I was quite glad to see this guy again.


From here it was a nice stroll across the Thames, with our eye spectacularly watching over us.

IMG_0458 copy

My feet were feeling it when I got home tonight, and the hot shower felt especially awesome. I might even have to break out the Deep Heat tonight.

But all in all, a good walking day. My total for the week after Day 2 is 31.82 kms, and I’ve raised $400 so far. Thanks so much to those who have already made donations – it is going to a really great cause.

If you would like to donate to CARE Australia, my sponsorship page is here.

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