Classic Spanish

As it turns out, nothing really comes past a Classic Spanish.

You can try all the non-food rewards you like. But at the end of the day, a Classic Spanish is… the best. Better than mojitos, better than Sav Blanc. Its the awesome, pleasure inducing treat that tops them all.

I’ve been thinking about it all day. And I decided to wait – it was Friday night, I would wait, and have my wine, and tapas, and good chats with my friends, and wine. All awesome, good, Friday night stuff. I did all this, but still it was on my mind.

The Classic Spanish.

So – after Book Club, after the awesome walking chats and wines, I headed over to the chocolate cafe and… bliss.

Hot, melted chocolate with cream on top. The feel of it is still fresh on my tongue, the taste lingering in my mouth.

Have you ever known such pleasure? It was worth waiting the week to get to. Worth walking for hours with my pack on my back.

The Classic Spanish. Pure pleasure.

Classic Spanish

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