I think I’m addicted to Deep Heat

As I am writing this, I am enjoying a warm comforting glow, spreading across my hips. It is truly sensational.

I have been searching for years for a non-food* reward. You know how it is – you go out, do all that good exercise stuff – and then you are starving! And you think – I deserve a little reward… and the best reward is, well food. Or more precisely chocolate.

I’ve found something better. Yes – even better than chocolate.

Deep HeatIt is so good. So good that I think I am addicted to the cosy warmness. The comforting, relaxing, gooey heat, spreading across my tired (and so deserving) muscles, oozing, creeping gently…

Ok. You get the picture. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You’ll sleep like a baby.

And the best thing is – its not food (actually, it would be a really bad idea to eat it – don’t do that). So technically its guilt free.

At least until someone tells me why its bad for me in some way. Please don’t do that.

Let me wallow in the Deep Heat after glow just a little while longer.

*Blueberries don’t count. Promise.

7 thoughts on “I think I’m addicted to Deep Heat

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  2. I’m reading this page whilst nodding my head like finally someone understands my love for deep heat. I can’t explain the satisfaction but it gives me a sensation that warms my whole body, i can’t stop applying it, i apply it atleast 4 times a day. I can’t get enough. I genuienly believe you can be addicted to the stuff. I have proscripted sprays, creams, gels, patches! You name it, i have it. It’s got to the point where i walk into a room and people are taken away by the smell but it’s like my nose is emune to smelling it, so i just keep applying and applying. I can’t see why this form of medication could be a risk bar burning the skin as it is designed to ease problems not create them but i’m honestly started to get worried 😂

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  5. I’m the same, this addiction started many years ago where I had aching legs so my husband rubbed deep heat in them for me, after a month of this my husband suggested it was time I went to the doctor about my pains – I found myself admitting that I had no pain and had been pain free for weeks 😳

    I thought maybe I was enjoying the attention from my husband but now 12 years on and separated from my husband I rub my best mate deep heat into my lower back and hips at night and I feel warm, loved and comfortable 😊

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