Choose Your Own Adventure

The absolute best thing about being single is – freedom. Absolute freedom to what you want, when you want.

Which means the freedom to choose your own adventures.

You can clock up a crazy debt on your credit card, and book adventures at will, without having to answer to anyone (except maybe your mum, but only if you tell her), or feel guilty. It’s awesome.

The latest adventure of my choosing is a trip to Cambodia. I fly to Singapore on Friday afternoon – and then over to Phnom Penh (how do you say that? Peh-nom Pen?) on Saturday. I can’t wait, even though I’ve realised it is the hottest time of year there – and I will likely be sweating it out in 40 degree humid heat. But I’m still excited.

Lets face it, since Tomb Raider came out we’ve all wanted to go and see Ankor Wat. And now I’m going.

I’m actually flying to Cambodia.

I’m not so sure about the lizards as depicted in this video. And I hope that I have a better time than Kim seems to be having.

Either way I’m sure this adventure will have crazy moments. It will definitely have some beautiful moments. And likely a bunch of other stuff in between. The best bit about it – the best bit about every adventure – is that you just really don’t know what is going to happen.

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